December 2, 2012 Snow Report

At 8,000 feet on the upper mountain there is a base between two and three feet, with a foot and more of accumulated snow from the last storm. The storm has been wet and warm and the new snow has been settling fast.
At 5,500 feet at the lodge on the lower mountain there is a few inch base with rain and melting snowfall the passed twenty four hours. Temps are currently in the mid 30s and forecast to drop.
Forecast- 2-4 inches of snow above 7,500 1-2″ at the lodge over the next 48 hours.

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I graduated from UM in 1995 with a degree in Wildlife Biology and a minor degree in Wilderness studies. After years of chasing data and wildlife, I settled into a job as trip leader and a director of Keewaydin Wilderness camp a canoe trips program in Northern Ontario. My wife, Jenny, and I started operating the Downing Mountain Lodge in 2008-2009 and purchased the facility and 60 acres in July, 2012. Operating as the premier Montana backcountry ski lodge in the winter and a holiday retreat the rest of the year, the Downing Mountain Lodge is located west of Hamilton Montana in the Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains. With incredible skiing in the winter and exceptionally private but accessible lodging year round, the Downing Mountain Lodge, built in 1976, is the iconic mountain lodge in the Bitterroot Valley, available to the public for enjoyment and pleasurable stays.
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  1. JohnLehrman says:

    The snowline did drop overnight with accumulating snow at 4,000 feet elevation. 2″ new snow a the lodge.

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