1-2-2012 Montana Yurt Skiing at Downing Mountain Lodge

We had an amazing storm just before the New Year and subsequently good deep powder skiing after the storm cleared. With two to three feet of new snow on the mountain, what’s not to like at Downing Mountain lodge the log backcountry ski yurt of the Bitterroots. We still have midweek  and this weekend only availability for powder hounds looking for the goods. With no group size requirement during the weekdays, we operate the lodge as a Backcountry ski hostel unless a group of six books it up exclusively. So come alone or as a couple, bring your friends, your dogs and both pairs of the skis as access to the log yurt is still easy with a four wheel drive vehicle with good tires and chains just in case. Nothing beats backcountry ski huts and Downing Mountain Lodge is a one of a kind special place. Please check out the website for all the information http://downingmountainlodge.com and then come and play in the mountains of Western Montana.

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